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#501: Money Market Rates - How to Figure the APY on a Savings Account?
 Reporter:  mnymrktrts27  |       Type:  System Defect
   Status:  new           |   Priority:  major
Milestone:                |  Component:  System Configuration
  Version:  9.0-RELEASE   |   Keywords:  Money Market Rates

 Basically having '''saving account''' are financial products that bank
 offers their clients in order to raise working capital, but we need to be
 aware about '''[http://www.ratelines.com/money-market-rates money market
 rates]'''. We all know that saving account companies do offer modest
 interest '''rate''' as a way to attract savers. Lots of people who want to
 have an account, so that they can use ATM cards, because basically ATM can
 be use in every ATM machine outlet.


 How to figure the APY on a '''[http://www.ratelines.com/savings-account-
 rates/ savings account rates]'''? First of all you need to determine the
 annual '''rate''' and the compounding method of the '''saving account'''.
 Then you need to use the APY formula to calculate the APY using the annual
 rate methods. The 2nd thing that you are going to perform is to use a
 different formula for large values. Don't forget to contact the bank
 offering the saving account and inquire about APY as well.


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