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#487: portjail script improvements
 Reporter:  gcooper    |       Type:  System Enhancement
   Status:  new        |   Priority:  major
Milestone:             |  Component:  System Configuration
  Version:  9.0-BETA3  |   Keywords:
 The following patch improves portjail in the following ways:
 1. You can now specify the following items on the command line to tune
 your portjail experience:
     a. TARGET:TARGET_ARCH (`uname -p`:`uname -m`).
     b. The hostname.
     c. The source directory (in case you don't want to use /usr/src).
     d. The method for installing a portjail (to avoid having to create
 scripts to deal with the interactive prompts that are in the current
 portjail script).
     e. A destdir option so I can install the jail to an arbitrary
     f. A means for passing in options to make (MAKEFLAGS) I can pass in
 custom build parameters, including (but not limited to) SRCCONF=/dev/null,
 -j 8, etc.
     g. A number of other bits are now tunable via the environment
 (MANPATH, etc).

 There are other improvements that could and should be made to this script
 and 'jailme' (in particular, the architecture and version aren't correct
 for the jailed system -- I know the solution to this problem), but this
 seemed like a logical place to checkpoint the work for review purposes.

 The work is needed to create a deterministic portsjail environment for the
 FreeNAS 8.2.x plugins effort.

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