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#478: kde4 vs. kde3
 Reporter:  frisbie     |       Type:  System Defect
   Status:  new         |   Priority:  minor
Milestone:              |  Component:  System Configuration
  Version:  9-SNAPSHOT  |   Keywords:  kde3 kde4 gdm
 not really sure what i am doing here
 am using pcbsd 9_0_release dvd image (2012-01-16)
 i386 P4 3.2Ghz 4Gb ram
 which comes with kde4 installed (optional)
 when i install other ports (mostly in batch)
 some of the ports, through recursive dependency, cause kde3 to install
 after this when choosing KDE option at login screen, it seems that both
 kde4 and kde3 load up
 i get a screen mixed with a kde3 panel, kde4 panel and kde4 background
 though it seems that the kde4 desktop effects do not work
 have not noticed any other conflicts as yet

 1. is it possible to set up gdm (login) to set separate options for both
 kde3 and kde4
 2. is it possible to configure the system to allow for kde3 dependent
 ports to install though only use kde4 desktop

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