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Tue Aug 28 22:14:58 PDT 2012

#641: PC-BSD 9.0 x86 Installer French and other languages problem
 Reporter:  Boug                                 |      Owner:  kris
     Type:  System Enhancement                   |     Status:  new
 Priority:  blocker                              |  Milestone:
Component:  Installer                            |    Version:  9.0-RELEASE
 Keywords:  Frnch & other languages installer    |
  partition                                      |
 I've just tried to install PC-BSD on my desktop PC and when I selected
 French as language, no text at all appeared next to the installer items
 and choices proposed. No button explanations, nothing but the icons
 whithout text at all.

 The big problem with that, is that the PC-BSD installer brings
 modifications to the hard drive immediately when we configure partitions,
 and not at the end. So, without buttons illustrations, I didn't really
 know what I was doing. So, a hard drive full of data was erased
 accidently! (Hopefully, I have all my data saved on a NAS!)

 So, I retried install PC-BSD using the English language and that was fine.
 By curiosity, I selected other languages than French or English, and the
 problem was the same for several of them (Catalan for exemple).

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