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#390: Turkey Real Estate-How To Use A Cell Phone In Turkey
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 How to use a cell phone in '''[http://www.newhomeinturkey.com/turkey-real-
 estate.html Turkey real estate]'''?If you are a traveler or a tourist from
 other countries, still you can use your own cell phone. Sometimes you will
 have difficulties on signals if you are in a place of turkey, because
 there are spot or area in turkey that don't have signal. That why people
 there usually often use cell phone, instead of cell phone they use land
 line phone to contact people. Below is how to understand '''turkey
 '''policies in cell phones.


 If you don't have cell phones and you want to pay a cell phone in turkey,
 this are the basic procedure that you will need to follow, so that you
 will be guided on how to use cell phones in '''turkey '''or
 '''[http://www.wikihow.com/Turkey-Property-How-To-Stuff-A-Turkey/ Turkey
 property]'''. In buying a cell phone for you to use, you need to buy a
 cell phone which is already has been translated to and English letters
 keypad for people who don't know the letters of '''turkey '''people,
 because cell phone in turkey have turkey letters on the keypad.

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