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#389: Spam
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 Component:  System Configuration  |    Version:  8.1
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Changes (by kris):

 * status:  new => closed
 * reporter:  homeloan20 => Spam
 * resolution:   => invalid

Old description:

> [[Image(http://citiwide.com.au/sites/default/files/home_loan.jpg)]]
> This called '''[http://www.comparehomeloans.com.au/ home loan
> ]'''comparison tools is usually use for an online comparing of loans. It
> will access you through online so that you can compare different types of
> '''loan '''companies. This help many consumers in choosing the good home
> loan programs, this system is very good when incomes of comparing
> '''loan'''. Below are some basic requirement in how you will go inside to
> their website and have a use of the tool so called comparison tool.

> [[Image(http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-Z8r37kZ_j_A/TZ4A8JGTofI/AAAAAAAAAaQ/3rHeosDZJoU/s1600/ist2_1263068_home_exterior.jpg)]]


> How to get '''[http://www.comparehomeloans.com.au/ home loans]'''
> comparison tool? Basically you can apply for an application so that you
> can entered or access to their website so that you can have a chance in
> using the program in looking for '''home loans '''through online. Many
> companies of '''loan '''company are using this kind of strategy so that
> they can find more consumers to apply yo their '''loan '''company. In
> doing this their chances that you will find a good company that will give
> you good service.

New description:



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