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#364: PPPoE doesn't work
 Reporter:  vans  |       Type:  System Defect
   Status:  new   |   Priority:  major
Milestone:  8.2   |  Component:  Network Manager
  Version:        |   Keywords:
 PC-BSD 8.2 RC2. I have properly working ethernet interface. I've set up
 pppoe connection in usual way: on the tab entered login/pass, selected
 interface, service name leaved empty. So, even after reboot there is no
 connection. These were abstract words. So, the problem seems to be in that
 no profile name is given and in ppp.conf there is line (number 5) with
 only a ":" (without quotes).
 So, if I comment these line (and next lines become 'default' profile) or I
 give some name to the profile ('inet' for example) and set this profile in
 rc.conf in ppp_profiles then all works ok.
 Sorry that no example line from files given, I have no access to that PC.
 May be someone can test it, or I'll try to provide some more info a few
 days later.

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