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#348: Power Management crashes my laptop.
 Reporter:  fitzlt            |       Owner:     
     Type:  System Defect     |      Status:  new
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Component:  System Tool       |     Version:  8.1
 Keywords:  power management  |  
 Everytime Power Management automatically changes the status of my laptop(
 into standby, hibernate or powering down) my laptop becomes unusable.

 When in standby or hibernate, my laptop will appear to wake up, but the
 screen remains black and will not turn back on.  When it is shutdown
 automatically, I get an error saying that the host could not connect to
 the X server.  If I restart the computer, I will get that error for all
 three situations.  Once I get the error, I have to manually shutdown my
 computer with the "shutdown -p" command and WAIT 10-15 minutes before I
 turn it back on(any less than 10 minutes and I will only get the error

 To avoid the problem to begin with, I have to start/shutdown the computer

 I also want to point out that manually putting my computer into
 hibernate(suspend to disk) results in the computer going to
 standby(complete with error).  Selecting standby(suspend to ram) results
 in the screen saver turning on(error is 50:50).

 I have a Sager NP2096 laptop and am running 8.1.

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