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Tue May 18 00:19:02 PDT 2010

#297: Slice editor didn't store last selected partition
 Reporter:  yerenkow       |       Owner:  kris    
     Type:  System Defect  |      Status:  new     
 Priority:  major          |   Milestone:  8.1     
Component:  Installer      |     Version:  8.0-BETA
 Keywords:                 |  
 I have ada0, da0s1, da0s2 (for example)
 I'm trying to install to da0s1;
 I create new slice on da0s1, then I want add more slices, and ada0 is
 selected instead of da0s1.
 It's easy to confuse yourself, and trash working system.

 I propose that when opening dialog where slices adds, there will be
 selected last partition, which was used when create slice.
 Not last partition which was used when "save" pressed, only create slice,
 not edit-save.

 I think this behavior will be safer.

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