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Wed Mar 3 09:17:50 PST 2010

#277: PC-BSD 8.0. Installer recognised ad6 instead ad0
 Reporter:  vojacik                            |       Owner:  kris
     Type:  System Defect                      |      Status:  new 
 Priority:  major                              |   Milestone:      
Component:  Installer                          |     Version:  8.0 
 Keywords:  installer, partition, slice, boot  |  
 I have my hard-disk divided into two parts, second part (sda2 in linux
 terminology) has linux installed, with Grub2 in MBR. I prepared primary
 partition sda1 for PC-BSD 8.0. I began to install. Installer offered ad6*,
 I really don't know why. I decided to continue with installation. I choose
 not to install PC-BSD's bootloader, I was not afraid because I was sure
 that with linux-Grub it will be easy; for years I used to chainloading BSD
 and it always worked. Now I cannot boot into PC-BSD. Don't know how to
 configure Grub2 to show me PC-BSD in its menu. Linux tells me that sda1 is
 "unknown" with ufs filesystem. PC-BSD's live CD showed me slices in fstab
 on strange places - all was in /dev/label/something (excuse me, I forgot
 how it was exactly). I made maybe foolish try: From live CD I manually
 edited PC-BSD's fstab - deleted all those /dev/label/* and wrote
 /dev/ad0s1* instead for each root, swap, usr etc., then returned into
 linux, made update-grub, but it didn't help. Now I have "some" ufs which I
 cannot boot into.

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