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#273: no boot with radeon hybrid graphics
 Reporter:  woockash_o                           |       Owner:     
     Type:  System Defect                        |      Status:  new
 Priority:  blocker                              |   Milestone:  8.0
Component:  XOrg Configurator                    |     Version:  8.0
 Keywords:  no boot with radeon hybrid graphics  |  
 I have occurred the problem with booting PC-BSD 8.0 on my Toshiba laptop
 (system is not yet installed, I'm trying to boot installer from the DVD
 disk). All I can see is black screen, no matter which option from the
 start menu I choose. The same thing is happening when I am trying to boot
 version 7.1.1. Vesa mode doesn't work as well. I think that it is the
 problem with my graphic card (Radeon HD 3470 - Hybrid X2). I was trying to
 boot this system on my girlfriend's laptop and it works. She has exactly
 the same model of laptop, with exception of the graphic card. She has the
 same Radeon HD 3470, but not Hybrid X2, only single card and installer
 starts properly.

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