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#282: Sound Devices Bugs
  Reporter:  GeeKen                |       Owner:          
      Type:  System Defect         |      Status:  closed  
  Priority:  major                 |   Milestone:          
 Component:  System Configuration  |     Version:  8.0-BETA
Resolution:  wontfix               |    Keywords:  Sound   
Changes (by kris):

  * status:  new => closed
  * resolution:  => wontfix


 These are really two separate issues. The sound driver not loading is an
 issue with the driver in FreeBSD itself. If you can find a way to
 duplicate it, I would recommend reporting it to the FreeBSD guys:


 Ditto with the KDE sound system bug. First thing to do is re-test it on
 8.1-RC1 to see if its fixed in KDE 4.4.4. If it is not, then report it
 over to the http://bugs.kde.org site.

 FWIW, I don't see these problems on any of my systems here. The correct
 driver always inits properly, KDE is able to forget about old devices /
 apply new ones on the fly.

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