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#314: Webcam / DVB-T USB stick not usable
 Reporter:  lme                   |       Owner:         
     Type:  System Defect         |      Status:  new    
 Priority:  major                 |   Milestone:         
Component:  System Configuration  |     Version:  8.1-RC1
 Keywords:                        |  
 8.1-RC1 ships with webcamd and cuse4bsd installed and loaded by default,
 which is very good. :)
 But webcams / dvb devices don't work with the shipped configuration.
 A normal user needs access rights to the appropriate devices.
 Attached is a patch for devfs.rules and devfs.conf which sets the
 BTW: There's no need to change the group ownership of the devices to
 "operator" when mode 666 is set -- anyone already has full access to the

 Most DVB devices also need their firmware loaded. Please take a look at
 It would be good to place all those firmware files in /boot/modules where
 webcamd expects them (and knows by itself which firmware to load).

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