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#306: Cannot boot from mirrored zfs setup
  Reporter:  billksun       |       Owner:  kris                                     
      Type:  System Defect  |      Status:  reopened                                 
  Priority:  major          |   Milestone:  8.1                                      
 Component:  Installer      |     Version:  8.1                                      
Resolution:                 |    Keywords:  disklabel, awardbios, phoenix, hang, post
Changes (by diddledan):

 * cc: diddledan@… (added)
  * status:  closed => reopened
  * version:  8.1-BETA1 => 8.1
  * resolution:  fixed =>
  * keywords:  => disklabel, awardbios, phoenix, hang, post


 I too am having this issue with stock freebsd 8.0 on the exact same BIOS
 version, but with a different mainboard. My mainboard is an MSI 975X
 platinum powerup with base version 6.00PG of the AwardBIOS as shown in the
 original poster's image above (the version numbering is for the base bios
 software, and not the version number that the manufacturer gives each
 iteration of their customisations. - I am using version 7.90 of MSI's
 Phoenix AwardBIOS-6.00PG-based BIOS for the 975X Platinum Powerup Edition
 Mainboard.). It would seem the issue is with the BSD disk label (and
 others: I had an issue with an OSX hybrid GPT+MBR at one stage but that
 disappeared after some fiddling, and I am unsure the exact combo that was
 causing the hang.).

 After reinitialising the hard drive with a blank MSDOS MBR (by connecting
 to another machine, or using a USB caddy to connect _after_ the POST) I
 can get the boot sequence to proceed normally once the drive is
 reconnected to the system. However, once the BSD disklabel is back in
 place the system will hang on the POST screen once again.

 The similarity between BIOS type would suggest to me that the issue is
 with interactions between the disk format and this BIOS and could be
 affecting many more people than is realised.

 I have reopened this bug, however I believe the issue is with core freebsd
 and not specific to PC-BSD, so feel free to close again.

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