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Thu Jul 8 05:57:15 PDT 2010

#271: network tray close message
  Reporter:  yerenkow         |       Owner:  kris    
      Type:  System Defect    |      Status:  closed  
  Priority:  major            |   Milestone:  8.1     
 Component:  Network Manager  |     Version:  8.0-BETA
Resolution:  3rdpartybug      |    Keywords:          
Changes (by kris):

  * status:  new => closed
  * resolution:  => 3rdpartybug


 This is a standard "feature" of the ksystemtrayicon class in KDE, not
 something unique to our network tray. If KDE ends up changing it, it'll
 change in our program as well.

 (For 9.0 this tool will be re-designed to QT-only, so this may fix it as

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