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#256: Operational Bugs Found for variant "64-bit PCBSD-8, RC-2"
  Reporter:  GeeKen                |       Owner:          
      Type:  System Defect         |      Status:  reopened
  Priority:  major                 |   Milestone:          
 Component:  System Configuration  |     Version:  8.0-BETA
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Comment(by GeeKen):

 Hi lme

 That's a good idea. Will do. Now I am getting a new FF 3.5.7 by installing
 which was released today.

 Please release FF 3.5.8 for PCBSD ! It seems better than 3.5.7, on Fedora
 12 and on Mint-8,
 who both released FF3.5.8 very recently. Windows is up to 3.6 now - - -

 There is definitely something weird about FF 3.5.6 and 3.5.7 - - -


 Hi Kris

 OK - good to know - this should get fixed over time.

 With regard bugs I will report these as and when, one bug per Bug Number -
 no problem.


 '''General Report'''

 The disappearing sound devices (as mentioned above and being caused by
 mis-answering "Yes" (instead of "No") to a question about it put up by
 KDE) had a reprieve this morning. After 3 days of no sound this Input Box
 showed up again after boot this morning, on RC-2. We answered Yes to
 retaining the sound devices, now our sound system works again. This is
 like a concept out of "The Matrix" where rogue software modules do
 whatever is so please them - - -


 New Bugs

 The PCBSD-8.0 (released today) installer is being difficult again. I tried
 the x64 machine with both the DVD and CD-Boot-only processes. I chose the
 "UPGRADE" path. Both of these attempts failed (by Halting) at :

 da3 : attempt to query device size failed - not ready medium not present.

 after the upgrading installation had completed and Reboot from the Hard-
 Drive had occurred.


 As I write I am now trying a complete reinstall rather than an upgrade.
 Hope that works !

 I dare not attempt a reinstall of the the 32 bit variant until 8.1 comes
 out !


 I am OK to close this Bug as the sound system works again, when you are

 Once I actually get AMD-x64 8.0 to actually work I will open a new install
 BUG Report, about the latest install experiences.

 If you want to reply to this, thats AOK. We can close this one once we
 have finished discussing it.

 All of my prior Bug Reports still apply in various ways - good luck in
 getting all these improvements put into PCBSD -8.1 :)

 Ken Gibbs

 *   *   *

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