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#256: Operational Bugs Found for variant "64-bit PCBSD-8, RC-2"
  Reporter:  GeeKen                |       Owner:          
      Type:  defect                |      Status:  reopened
  Priority:  major                 |   Milestone:          
 Component:  System Configuration  |     Version:  8.0-BETA
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Changes (by GeeKen):

  * status:  closed => reopened
  * resolution:  fixed =>


 Hi Folks

 I am answering in order of your replies, and am using the Bug Numbers from
 my original report listed above, as reference.

 I am reopening this as the sound-system killing error was not addressed -
 see notes below. Also there is quite a discussion to keep having so that I
 can keep up with you guys !! I will pursue the system jams later (big job)
 - after I get my sound system to run again :)

 '''About your Reply to my EXISTING BUG #1 (from my Bug Report #256,

 The AMD x64 5000+ dual-core has RAM at 2 Gigabyte - so its got plenty.
 Normally it runs
 16+ windows in FireFox with no problem until suddenly (4 hours later) it
 jams up due to stuck processes, or similar. PCBSD does not yet have
 FireFox 3.5.8 or 3.6 yet so this may be a part
 of this issue. It may be worth ya'll investing in getting at least Firefox
 3.5.8 released for PCBSD. It runs faster and more stably on my Mint 8
 machine - it was released from the Mint guys only last Wednesday.

 When you say "PBI Bug is Fixed", do I have to do anything here with "SVN"
 to make it
 work ? - or is it a change that you did at the server end that makes it
 work now ?

 Will we get the latest source at RC-3 ? This is not a crucial bug as I can
 download PBI's directly from www.pbidir.com - - - When is RC-3 due ?? ! :)


 NEW BUG #3'''

 The proper sequence of events was that I put it into Safe mode AFTER the
 sound drivers were killed by the Op Sys - and no new problems seemed to be
 introduced after ReBoot due to the weird Safe Mode being witnessed. The
 sound system still DOES NOT WORK - - > HELP !

 NEW BUG #1 & #2 (AND #5, perhaps)'''

 I will look at this "kde4init" area etc. As one useful tool I will use the
 App that monitors processor usage and bandwidth etc, to begin the search
 for more clues about this.

 Regarding variations across the system, yes having different sources files
 at different places sure messes up the troubleshooting process ! I get all
 my RC's from the US-West Coast mirror and the MD5's checksums always
 verified with K3B. (We always assume that all of our older hardware is
 stable too).  I guess the key thing is to ensure that the MD-5 checksum
 has only one source. So that precious checksum should be maintained on
 your website by yourselves. (I think that's how it is already). No use
 having the mirrors making their own MD-5 checksum and publishing
 their version of it!!

 The MD-5 checksum ensures that any errors in the chain are found - - -

 The jamming of the system seems partially Firefox related as discussed
 above. The crazy thing is that an entire dual-core processor waits for the
 cookies to download through FireFox. This means that the underlying KDE
 system or perhaps BSD itself is not really using the dual-core processors
 independently. Now thats a major bug - please pass it on to KDE and to BSD
 - thanks.

 More good luck !

 Ken Gibbs

 *   *   *

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