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#256: Operational Bugs Found for variant "64-bit PCBSD-8, RC-2"
 Reporter:  GeeKen                |       Owner:          
     Type:  defect                |      Status:  new     
 Priority:  major                 |   Milestone:          
Component:  System Configuration  |     Version:  8.0-BETA
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 PRIOR BUG : PBI downloads disappear when installed from the
 "Update Manager" but will install from the www.pbidir.com

 (Further to closed Bug Report #252).

 Chris had sent me notification about a fix for this. I wasn't
 sure what to do with the fix commands sent (see below),
 so I do not know if it resolved, or not.

 Instructions sent were :

 # svn co svn://svn.pcbsd.org/pcbsd/trunk/SoftwareManager
 # cd SoftwareManager
 # qmake-qt4 *.pro
 # make install (as root)

 I wasn't sure what "SVN" is so couldn't try it etc.
 These commands didn't seem to run in a terminal window
 either - - -



 1) I have noticed that PCBSD-8 KDE will stack commands due to
 several mouse / key pushes. Then the system can get loaded up with
 numerous open Apps commands and then jam up. PCBSD-7 was a little like
 this too, but it seemed better as it evolved - - -

 Suggestions to resolve this issue :

 a) All apps check to see if they are already loaded before another is
 allowed to load too (user is advised or asked etc). This will help to stop
 it getting slow - PCBSD shouldn't do that !

 b) As a possible improvement, while an App is loading user mouse inputs
 etc should be canceled unless that window is out of sight or has completed
 loading etc etc. This area needs a lot of thought because it could
 backfire, preventing the machine from being used - - - somewhere there is
 a happy medium in all of this.

 Any Operating System has to be geared to protect itself against "User
 Enthusiasm" !

 2) PCBSD-8 is still locking up on Firefox download slows. Cannot use the
 machine for anything else while its locked, even on a dual-core machine.
 H-m-m-m-m - - - ?? This even effects the mouse
 response quite often - frustrating because the mouse won't always
 do the same thing (this is really chronic on the 32-bit variant).

 3) KDE keeps asking me if it can "FORGET" various sounds devices.
 I always said no over the last few weeks but I slipped up tonight and said
 YES. Now the sound system won't work and there is no way to get it back up
 again. H-E-L-P !!!

 4) During boot I tried "Safe Mode" to try to fix Bug 3), above and it went
 very strange. (This happens just after the early, text-based Boot choices

 The screen it arrives at has the prompt ">MOUNTROOT" at the end of it, so
 you can recognize it. The instructions on this screen are

 - What would we do to use those instructions ?
 - are they worth using? And
 - is there actually a safemode there somewhere, to use ?

 5) The mouse wheel inputs are still a bit unstable, particularly when
 pushing the system at high speeds.

 For example, it will go back to a previous Firefox browsing window when
 the mousewheel is moved too quickly etc. A mouse wheel push can have this
 window backing-up effect, too.

 Far better than it was in Beta but still noticeable - - -


 Good luck with these Bugs !

 Thanks in advance

 *   *   *

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