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#252: Install Bugs still chronic, x86 and x64 comparisons  and various
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 Component:  Installer  |     Version:  8.0-RC
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 Ok, I think I understand whats going on here :)

 You are probably running the amd64 ISO on a 32bit only system, as you
 suspected. I don't have a way to test for that just yet, since its only
 running the boot-loader stuff at that point and we don't modify that at
 all from the FreeBSD defaults. (That would be very messy)

 As for the boot-options screen, that is a great suggestion. I've made a
 note on the wiki to reformat it for 8.1 so that you can enable / disable
 multiple options like that:


 Also, we've fixed the PBI download issue, where the PBI doesn't get
 installed / disappears:


 As for VLC / webcam, the driver support isn't fully implemented in FreeBSD
 8.0 yet, but should be in one of the upcoming releases. Once that's in
 place we'll then be able to figure out the VLC / capture tricks ;)

 We do not have a "recovery" system like Mint at the moment. If you somehow
 corrupt your installation the safest thing to do is restore from a backup,
 or simply do a repair / upgrade from the original installation DVD, which
 will restore your packages :)

 I'm going to go ahead and mark this ticket as closed for now. If you run
 into other bugs in the future, please open a ticket for each specific
 thing, since that's the best way to track / fix stuff.


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