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#252: Install Bugs still chronic, x86 and x64 comparisons  and various
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Component:  Installer  |     Version:  8.0-RC
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Comment(by GeeKen):

 Hi Chris

 We meet again :)

 Great that this issue is probably more at my
 end - - - Yes - I suppose the drivers change
 from machine to machine.

 I hope I didn't try to install the 64 bit package
 onto the 32 bit machine ! Does it check for this
 obvious User error ? I suggest that it is programmed
 to screenprint what it's identity is during the
 install so the User can sanity check him/herself :)

 On the 32 bit machine with full DVD install, it
 didn't even make it past the first or second screen
 of text after the BIOS finishes (which is when
 it says "FREEBSD Bootloader" and the "/" symbol

 It just slowed right down and stopped. I will have
 to rerun the install for you soon, to record its messages.
 Wanted to let you know that it was an early failure, nowhere
 near the graphical install screens that I think you are
 referring to above.

 Your suggestion to select VESA mode is a non-starter
 because I have to select "Non-ACPI" (mode 2), at which time
 it goes forward immediately . I tried to go "6" (VESA)
 then "2" (Non-ACPI) but it seems to forget the first one
 always. (Even if I go round the other way, "2" then "6").

 Hence my request in this "Big Bug Report #252" to
 make the Installer Text Menu Screens really selectable and
 made so it can't go forward until the user pushes Enter
 after he/she has intelligently selected all the various
 options required for the installer to use later on in
 the process.

 The machine has 1 Gigabyte of fast, DDR400 RAM and
 the RAM always tests positive during Boot. This
 machine is running fine and F_A_S_T on Mint 8 today.

 More soon.

 Another minor bug I found today in the x64 variant is that
 PBI downloads are deleted after they download ONLY when
 requested within the software manager. Going directly to
 the PBI site still works, fortunately.

 Another request I have is for getting a webcam to be
 captured into a file on PCBSD-8. In Mint-8 (Linux) I do :

 LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libv4l/v4l1compat.so /usr/bin/vlc

 in a terminal window. This gets VLC media player to capture
 the webcam stream from the webcams USB port. Only problem
 is that it seems to screw up the video system which I
 then need to recover from during the next boot.

 What would be the equivalent command in PCBSD-8 to connect the
 webcam stream to VLC/Kino/Avidemux, or similar. Maybe there's
 a good technical or White paper available about this.
 Any suggestion very welcome !

 Also I note that Mint 8 has a good recovery system which can
 be run after Boot - is there a similar thing in PCBSD-8 ??
 It checks all packages and even does upgrades there and then
 Very cool, of course it needs it !!

 More soon Chris.

 Thanks in advance !

 Ken Gibbs

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