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  2. Re: [PC-BSD Trac] #250: user set screen resolution in X  not used

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> #250: user set screen resolution in X not used
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>  To be fair, i just installed ubuntu 9.10 in vmware and the same behavior
>  exists (not only in KDE but gnome). This bug is not specific to PC-BSD.
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My comment is that the screen resolution set in X must be a resolution that
is supported by the display.

I experienced that problem in the past trying to make a portable with a max
resolution of 1024x768 do something greater.  Thus X will not do something
beyond the screen limits.

In another experience, I used both Display Setup Wizard and manual
configuration of /etc/X11/xorg.conf to set a display resolution that was
below the maximum resolution that the monitor was capable of doing, but was
not a supported resolution.  I could not figure out why X reverting the
display to 1024x768 even though the settings I had typed were below the
maximum and were still listed in xorg.conf.  However, after checking the
specs for my monitor on the manufacturer's web site, I found that I had set
a resolution that was not equal to but somewhere between the monitor's
supported resolution sets.  Once I set a supported resolution in xorg.conf,
it always produced a reliable result.

In conclusion, you should set resolutions that are supported by the display.

Ian Robinson
Salem, Ohio
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