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#250: user set screen resolution in X not used
 Reporter:  bkn                |       Owner:        
     Type:  defect             |      Status:  new   
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Component:  XOrg Configurator  |     Version:  8.0-RC
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 expected behavior:
 * if user changes resolution of screen then that resolution is the default
 for all future X sessions (including kdm and kde).

 summary to reproduce:
 * From Fresh install in vmware-fusion2 (on a mac).
 * open 'System Settings' from the k-menu.
 * select 'display'.
 * change resolution of screen to something other than 800x600 and select
 * reboot (or simply logout) and resolution is back to 800x600.


 just installed PC-BSD for the first time within vmware-fusion2. i wanted
 to run a full resolution (1440x900) over the default 800x600. The change
 in resolution appled nicely. However, once i rebooted (or even logged out)
 the screen resolution was reset to the default 800x600. When logged into
 kde again, i opened up the display preferences again, the screen then
 automatically changed back to full resolution of 1440x900. (i.e. as soon i
 click on 'display' the settings loaded and changed screen resolutions).

 I'll attach the xorg.0.log. The last line of the log, seen below, was
 created when i double clicked 'display' in 'system preferences' and the
 screen changed resolution to 1440x900.

 (==) VMWARE(0): Write-combining range (0xa0000,0x10000) was already clear

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