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#230: PCBSD-8
 Reporter:  GeeKen     |       Owner:  kris    
     Type:  defect     |      Status:  new     
 Priority:  major      |   Milestone:  8.0     
Component:  Installer  |     Version:  8.0-BETA
 Keywords:             |  

Comment(by GeeKen):

 Replying to [comment:1 kris]:

 ==  ==

 I've now fixed the e-mail log script, it'll prompt you to copy it offsite
 now, and let you view the log at the same time. However e-mail won't work
 since we don't have smtp settings for each user :P

 '''''OK - great. Problem is I don't install it every day ! I have some
 text from part of the error if this helps, see below. So will TRAC BASE
 receive the error reports automatically and directly ???'''''

 ==  ==

 > Can you re-test the x86 install, and this time do a "more" of the
 logfile when it fails? If I can see the actual error, it should be easy to

 ''''The error text that I thought was major was as follows :''''''''''

 ZFS NOTICE : Prefetch is disabled by Default on i386 - - - to enable add :
 "vfs.zfs.prefetch-disable=0" to /boot/loader.conf

 ZFS WARNING : Recommend minimum kmemsize is 512 MByte : expect unstable
 behaviour. Consider tuning vm.kmem_size and vm.kmem_size_max in

 ZFS f/s Version 13

 ZFS storage pool version 13.

 etc etc etc

 ==  ==

 The i386 installer has several problems :

 1) The above, which is terminal - - -

 2) Another massive error is if I try the "upgrade option" (Beta to RC1)
 where it unmounts everything first. During this process it finds something
 unmountable because it can't find the item.  This causes it to stop. (this
 error sequence was repeatedly reported in the email log that you have now
 fixed from above - hopefully you have this record). If it can't find
 something that it wants to remove, why stop when it must be already
 removed !

 3) Install always needs to be run in Mode 6 and/or 2, so that the install
 doesn't end up with a
 non-responsive monitor and sometimes disabling ACPI allows the install to
 go forward beyond these setup erros to the major halting errors. Here I
 would suggest that all installs BEGIN IN VESA so that no video halt
 occurs. And if the ACPI error occurs then it should retry with ACPI

 4) At all times the user can be consulted to avoid a freeze- for eg., a
 screen could come up showing the undesirable situation, offering optional
 solutions :

 Message = "I have halted - suggest that you disble ACPI - shall I proceed
 with no ACPI ?"

 LINUX MINT-8 installer seems to make all of these kind of decisions by
 itself - successfully

 ==  ==

 BSD-8 RC1 works great on my AMD 64 bit HP. The bugs that I keep seeing

 1) The Mouse wheel can cause screen jumping when the wheel is scrolled up
 too far. Its
 nervous on the Mouse Wheel. FAR BETTER THAN THE BETA VERSION (which was
 quite psychotic - - -).

 2) When using Firefox 3.5.7 (maybe this is fixed on version 3.6 ?), any
 slows in the Internet
 feed causes the whole machine to lock up, while it waits. My machine is a
 dual-core, surely the other core can carry on ? Following on from this
 though process, there needs to be a review of how BSD-8 handles multi-core
 processors. Maybe there is more speed to be had - - -

 Handling the Firefox "lock-up" problem is essential. As it stands I just
 have to wait for a minute for the Internet feed to rebegin or for the
 block of material that's pending to download.

 ==  ==

 Anyways, hope this data is useful.

 BSD-8 is the Best. The Linux-MINT-8 I am testing is also great but it
 fails upon upgrade as the upgrades are uncontrolled. This is the main
 reason why PCBSD will win in the end - - -

 Hey - what happened to TURTLE ?? - that was a cool program for teaching
 kids and doing small APPS. CAN WE HAVE IT BACK ??

 Thanks for your amazing input - keep up the great work !

 ==  ==

 Ken Gibbs

 *   *   *

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