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#340: Disk Encryption Password breaks with Non-QWERTY keyboards
 Reporter:  SolarCatcher                                  |       Owner:     
     Type:  System Defect                                 |      Status:  new
 Priority:  minor                                         |   Milestone:     
Component:  System Configuration                          |     Version:  8.1
 Keywords:  installer, disc encryption, password, qwerty  |  
 When chosing disc encryption at installation time, the keyboard is already
 localised and the password/passphrase is entered with the localised
 keyboard layout. However, later at boot time the keyboard layout is still
 QWERTY when the password/passphrase is required.

 This can confuse a non-QWERTY user or render her/his installation unusable
 (if s/he does not know where the keys are on QWERTY).

 I had experienced this problem with FreeBSD already, so I knew how to
 circumvent it.

 Proposal for fix:

 - for the moment a warning message in the installer would be useful

 - generally it would be great if the installer could back-translate the
 password for the localised keyboard, i.e. if I used a German QWERTZ
 keyboard and entered as the password "xyz" the installer should translate
 it to "xzy" because y and z are exchanged between QWERTY and QWERTZ. At
 boot time, the user at the German keyboard would think s/he enters "xyz"
 while in reality FreeBSD is still expecting a QWERTY keyboard and this the
 password would be correct "xzy".

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