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#158: Translations unuseable if they are not completed
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 There are very few languages that have 100% of strings translated.

 I use very often various open source software that has been translated
 into my language (Slovak). When there is a string that was not used in
 previous version and it is not yet translated an English equivalent is

 This is not the case with PC-BSD. When there is an untranslated string
 there is simply an empty space instead. Some time ago I tried to install
 PC-BSD in Slovak and I failed miserably, because with missing strings you
 simply can not continue. This has prompted me to start translating and I
 have translated more than 50% of strings for Slovak language.

 I suggest following solution.
 Immediately before a new version of PC-BSD is built you should "merge"
 translated strings with the original english ones. Instead of an empty
 string the english string should be used.

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