[PC-BSD Testing] [PC-BSD Dev] Upcoming Edge package freeze

Ken Moore ken at pcbsd.org
Fri May 30 04:51:29 PDT 2014

On 05/29/2014 21:48, Joe Maloney wrote:
> Just a thought.  Why not just make fluxbox an optional package and 
> replace it with lumina if no window managers are checked?  It's more 
> functional and it's only one package.

Lumina requires the Fluxbox package as a dependancy, so you will still 
end up with the fluxbox package installed by default. My vote is to hold 
off a little bit until I finish cleaning up the system tray, get the 
desktop plugin system in a little better shape, and create a couple 
default desktop plugins.

> Also I talked to Koop today and he re-enabled a mapi option for the 
> evolution.  This will enable Microsoft Exchange support, openchange 
> (free exchange alternative) support for the Evolution mail client. 
>  The option would have to be turned on but right now it pulls in 
> net/samba4 which conflicts with what PCBSD provides net/samba41.  I've 
> updated the port in question locally but just need to polish it up for 
> a diff and hope to get that in before the weekend.  Not sure if they 
> will want it or not yet but can let you know if you are interested in 
> squeezing that in before release.  Otherwise it will just be an 
> optional package later after the port is updated.
> Joe Maloney
> On Thu, May 29, 2014 at 8:47 AM, Kris Moore <kris at pcbsd.org 
> <mailto:kris at pcbsd.org>> wrote:
>     I'm planning on freezing the EDGE package set this weekend, so we can
>     focus on bugfixes and prep for 10.0.2 release in the next 2-3~ weeks.
>     An updated set of EDGE packages is uploading to the mirrors now and
>     should be available in the next few hours. Please test out these
>     packages, in particular looking for any bugs in the desktop
>     environments
>     or other essential packages which should be fixed before going into
>     production. If you spot anything which will require a major ports tree
>     update, we should try to get that in before the freeze.
>     If you find bugs in any of our PC-BSD specific utilities, please start
>     to open trac tickets for them so we can be sure they are addressed
>     before 10.0.2 is released.
>     Thanks for all your help in the making of this release!
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