[PC-BSD Testing] cinnamon 2.0 issues

Joe Maloney jmaloney at pcbsd.org
Sat Mar 15 11:22:15 PDT 2014

Can't right click desktop to change background.  (crashes and I will likely
need to report to marcuscom)
Gnome-keyring integration broken with PCDM (need to test with GDM and
report to marcuscom)
PCBSD wallpaper shows up in system settings with .cinnamon/backrounds/ fix
but is not selected by default until the user chooses it. (seems half
fixed, i'm missing some cache probobly)

Sorry to have been away a little more latley and to not be able to catch
those in time for the new release .  I hope to still get a few of these
issues resolved over the next few weekends.

Joe Maloney
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