[PC-BSD Testing] Upgrading result (clear 10.0 Release - 10.0 Edge)

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.org
Thu Mar 13 16:33:09 PDT 2014

On 03/13/2014 07:04, Yuri Momotiuk wrote:
> 2014-03-13 1:46 GMT+02:00 Kris Moore <kris at pcbsd.org
> <mailto:kris at pcbsd.org>>:
>     On 03/12/2014 11:05, Yuri Momotiuk wrote:
>>     So, I think we need to perform upgrade to 10.0.1 in two steps:
>>     At first we need to publish new pcbsd-utils and pcbsd-utils-qt4
>>     (at least in case package management). Only after that we can
>>     roll rest of packages. But I don't know how we can do that. Maybe
>>     new package manager will be rolled system update. And only after
>>     this update new packages will be 'unlocked'.
>     I've got the updated pcbsd-utils && pcbsd-utils-qt4 uploading
>     right now for 10.0, which will include those fixes you mentioned
>     above.
>     The trick will be trying to figure out how to ensure users have
>     updated to those packages first, before doing the 10.0.1 update. I
>     may have to do some tricks with updating the
>     /usr/local/etc/pkg/repos/pcbsd.conf file to only point to the
>     newer EDGE
>     package set after the user installs the last pcbsd-utils* updates.
>     I'll be looking into this sometime this week before we make any
>     10.0.1 updates live.
> As I understand after that version 10.0.1 will be shown (hardcoded in
> src-qt4 and src-sh). Or not?
Yep, the "about" CLI app and "about-gui" will show 10.0.1 once the user
updates to those newer set of packages. The EDGE package set will then
start to show 10.0.2-PRE, until we tag it as 10.0.2. A new 10.0.1 ISO is
also being uploaded which includes the latest packages / fixes.

I've just finished testing a patch that seems to work, so that users can
get the conflict resolution fixes before updating to the newer package set.

Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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