[PC-BSD Testing] Upgrading result (clear 10.0 Release - 10.0 Edge)

Yuri Momotiuk yurkis at gmail.com
Wed Mar 12 08:05:01 PDT 2014


I've just performed upgrade from clear 10.0 and 10.0.2-PRE
Several notes:

1. Package manager from 10.0 can't detect (and solve) conflicts right so:
2. I need to install all from git head src-sh and src-qt4 (all scripts and
all ui utils to avoid ABI/API prblems)
3. After rebuild all of the PC-BSD stuff I can perform successfully upgrade
rest of the packages

So, I think we need to perform upgrade to 10.0.1 in two steps:
At first we need to publish new pcbsd-utils and pcbsd-utils-qt4 (at least
in case package management). Only after that we can roll rest of packages.
But I don't know how we can do that. Maybe new package manager will be
rolled system update. And only after this update new packages will be

Ans few words about common result:
* Clean KDE workspace seems like works well (but KDE workspace is still
4.11. About tool show 4.11 for KDE)
* Looks like Cinnamon crashes in my case. It shows notification about that
all time. I see only desktop with shortcuts but no panel :( I made
experiments inside VirtualBox. Mayby ti is because limited GL support?
* Can't launch Gnome3 (I think because GL limitations inside VBox)
* XFCE, MATE, LXDE looks good
* PCDM can't remember last user login name

Best regards, Yuri Momotyuk
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