[PC-BSD Testing] PCBSD 10-RELEASE problems with firefox missing profile update

Ian Robinson fitchkendall at gmail.com
Sat Mar 1 06:36:28 PST 2014

PCBSD 10-RELEASE and problems with firefox missing profile:

1. Re: Firefox PBI:

I am still unable to install firefox from the PBI version. The PBI version
reports it installs correctly but attempts to start result in the "missing
profile" message. When I looked in the user home directory for the "hidden
directory" (/home/username/.mozilla), where PCBSD has always stored any
mozilla application's profile, you expect to see at least a firefox
directory containin a profile.ini file and a directory with an unusual
name.  The PBI installs a .mozilla/firefox directory but it has nothing in
it. Therefore, firefox cannot find a profile to use.

2. Re: Firefox ports

I installed firefox from ports. Contrary to PCBSD custom of putting firefox
profiles into a .mozilla directory under the user's home folder, the port
installed the firefox profile to /root. Thus, when you start firefox logged
in as the normal user (i.e. other than root), you get the "missing profile"

HOWEVER, if you start firefox as root, firefox looks in /root to find the
profile and will start without the error message.

3. Conclusion:

The PBI does not create a firefox profile.

The ports version of firefox creates and installs a firefox profile into
/root and the normal user does not have sufficient rights (permission) to
access the root-based profile.

ian Robinson
Salem, OH
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