[PC-BSD Testing] 10.0.2 ISO for testing

Seth list at sysfu.com
Tue Jun 10 07:08:10 PDT 2014

Just installed 10.0.2 into a VirtualBox VM. The installation went fine, I  
selected only Lumina DE and VirtualBox Guest as software options.

After I logged into desktop and applied application updates using AppCafe  
however the following problems appeared:

1) Complete loss of keyboard after logging into Lumina DE. Mouse still  
2) Could not log into Fluxbox from PCDM, screen would flash then it would  
kick me back to login.

I was able to recover by using the first BE pre-update snapshot.

I'm going to try again by applying just the system updates to see what  
happens. If that's OK, I'll try applying the AppCafe application updates  
once more.

If anyone can suggest any logging or troubleshooting info I should be  
gathering, fire away.


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