[PC-BSD Testing] Fwd: Upgrade from 9.2 to 10 RELEASE problem

Claudio L. claudio at hpgcc3.org
Thu Jan 30 04:44:56 PST 2014

I resolved the issue (well, not 100% but...) with the following 
procedure (putting it on record for anyone else that had the same problem):

* The only way to boot into the system was in single user mode, so in 
single user mode I had to:

 > mount -u /            (to remount / as a read/write system)
 > zfs mount -a        (to remount everything else)

Then edit /etc/rc.conf.pcbsd, and comment out pcdm_enable.

Reboot, and now I could get to a text login.

 > pkg-static upgrade -fy

This time it showed a million conflicts. One by one I issued:

pkg-static remove -f 'offending-package-name'

Until the upgrade finally went through.
Then I re-enabled pcdm_enable in /etc/rc.conf.pcbsd and I was good to go.

Or not, since everything is fine except that the USB mouse is not 
working at all, and I still get an error about cuse4bsd kernel module, 
which can't be loaded for some reason.

This all happening on real hardware.
I'll keep researching to see what can be done.


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