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Joe Maloney jpm820 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 24 13:05:28 PST 2014

Ok so I installed x11/nvidia-driver-304 from your packages and problem 
solved with the lag issues.  I have a Nvidia GTS 250 in this system so I 
wouldn't think it were just that old that it wouldn't work with the new 
driver.  I suppose it's possible as it's not the newest anymore that the 
latest driver might not introduce problems as well.  Or it actually is 
something with the newer driver.

At this point since the old driver works might be worth adding something 
like this to the Gnome 3 wiki page for nvidia users as a workaround and 
call it good?

pkg delete -f nvidia-driver-331.20
pkg install nvidia-driver-304-304.88_1

Joe Maloney

On 01/24/2014 12:55, Joe Maloney wrote:
> Launching gnome-shell manually has same problem on nvidia system. 
> Others that were working have been confirmed to be using intel. The 
> other broken person has nvidia running 11-CURRENT.  I have an ATI on 
> board in this system which I can remove the nvidia card and try.  I 
> noticed the nvidia-driver was updated in freebsd-ports about 4 weeks 
> ago which comes close to when i started seeing the problems I think.  
> Koop says "yeah that update now installs libEGL/libglesv2 which 
> conflict with ports".  So maybe that is something I can look into as well.
> Joe Maloney
> On 01/24/2014 12:20, Kris Moore wrote:
>> On 01/24/2014 13:18, Joe Maloney wrote:
>>> So I just installed the 1-17-14 10-RELEASE fresh.  Even with all of 
>>> the skeleton files removed the keyboard input issues are still 
>>> present on a system with an nvidia card.  Meaning that typing in 
>>> terminal responds 30 seconds later and things are still kind of slow 
>>> to be usable.  Others said it was working for them but I supsect 
>>> they use intel.  It does work in VirtualBox.  Another user reported 
>>> that however in freebsd-gnome in stock FreeBSD.  Of course he also 
>>> reported that the issue went away for him in fallback modem and in 
>>> VirtualBox I have to launch gnome-shell manually after the fact.  I 
>>> will see what else I can find out about it. Otherwise the theme 
>>> issues are for sure fixed now.
>>> Joe Maloney
>> Good deal! I'm going to kickoff package builds shortly with your 
>> fixes. I'll ping back if Poudriere chokes or anything :)
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