[PC-BSD Testing] Additional log files for bug reports 909, 910 and 911

kesa at himalia.fi kesa at himalia.fi
Fri Jan 24 08:30:14 PST 2014

kesa at himalia.fi kirjoitti 2014-01-23 20:09:
> Kris Moore kirjoitti 2014-01-23 17:51:
>> On 01/23/2014 11:27, kesa at himalia.fi wrote:
>>> Kris Moore kirjoitti 2014-01-23 16:56:
>>>> On 01/23/2014 09:55, Kris Moore wrote:
>>>>> On 01/22/2014 05:37, kesa at himalia.fi wrote:
>>>>>> These bugs seem to be fixed now with 
>>>>>> PCBSD10.0-RELEASE-p4-01-17-2014.
>>>>>> However, there is a bug in the first boot. I made a new ticket 
>>>>>> 948,
>>>>>> but I can't access the tracker right now. So I'm posting in this
>>>>>> thread to link the hardware details.
>>>>>> After first stage install and booting the first time. The X server
>>>>>> goes to self configuration. At the end, it will try to launch the 
>>>>>> X
>>>>>> server. But this hangs in a black screen. I was able to launch the 
>>>>>> X
>>>>>> server and complete the second stage install after adding Driver
>>>>>> "intel" to the Device section in /etc/X11/xorg.conf while in a 
>>>>>> single
>>>>>> user mode.
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>>>>> So, does the X configuration work and let you do all the first-run
>>>>> wizard stuff, but the login manager fails to start?
>>>>> This may be a bug in in the Intel driver I've seen, where it can 
>>>>> only
>>>>> run once, then it fails to start a second time. It may be that the
>>>>> reboot you did fixed the issue, before even adding "intel" to the
>>>>> xorg.conf section. Did you let it try and reboot first before going 
>>>>> to
>>>>> single-user mode?
>>>>> Also, whats your "pciconf -lv" again?
>>>> Nevermind on the pciconf, found your old post about it :)
>>> No it doesn't start the X server at all on the first boot. It hangs 
>>> to
>>> the first boot graphical part where initial users get created etc. I
>>> did several reboot attempts that did all hang. I.e. I saw the login
>>> manager only once after adding the entry to the xorg.conf and
>>> completing the second stage of the install.
>>> Also, I made several installs as I'm not homing to the system before
>>> the final release and therefore I try to make a lot of testing. For
>>> some reason, I managed to fix it by adding the "intel" only on my
>>> first install. On the following reinstalls, it was always starting X
>>> server configuration which ended to the blank screen and when
>>> rebooting in single user mode, the Driver "intel" was missing again.
>>> I'm not sure what I did differently. If "# mount -o rw tank1/*/* /" 
>>> (I
>>> looked the tank name with "mount -p") was not enough to make
>>> persistent changes to the files. Or if there was something else I did
>>> differently, since I didn't pay full attention on my first install. 
>>> My
>>> experience is mostly from Windows so finding my way around is still a
>>> little experimental.
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>> That is odd. When it booted the installer it "just worked"? When you
>> first boot the installed system, did the "Accept this resolution" 
>> screen
>> ever come up?
>> I'm adding some more verbosity to the video wizard, so hopefully we 
>> can
>> nail this down :)
> The first part of the install, the system booted from the DVD, worked
> without any problems. The second part, after rebooting, nothing showed
> up in X. It just blinked the text "Configuring X " and couple other
> similar texts and then it changed to black screen with a slight
> intensity change (or my imagination).
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I noticed that the announced RC5 is the same version as what I was 
already using with the latest issue. And it states that it is likely 
going to be the final one. So my question is, how does the process of 
resolving the issue continue? I mean, do I start testing with the STABLE 
images? I would really like this to get resolved because the X server 
has already been working and therefore solution to the issue should be 
within reach.

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