[PC-BSD Testing] gnome 3 :(

Joe Maloney jpm820 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 24 07:24:41 PST 2014

It's don't think your skeleton files will cause any problems. Removing 
them didn't fix anything with the old gnome-themes-standard 3.8x.  But 
if the user had previously had the old version of gnome-themes-standard 
that stuff get's cached and needs removed before the new version will 
work.  I will try to start tracking down what dir it actually that needs 
removed later today.  I'm sure it's probably in .config or somewhere 
like that which caches the adwaita gtk theme.

Joe Maloney

On 01/24/2014 09:07, Kris Moore wrote:
> On 01/24/2014 01:20, Joe Maloney wrote:
>> Well some good news.  It was gnome-themes-standard.  I updated it to 
>> 3.10 and submitted a merge request for the Makefile + distinfo.  At 
>> this point it will not apply unless some cached stuff is deleted out 
>> of the user profile.  Not sure what yet but generating a new user or 
>> removing everything in my home user folder works as a quick fix until 
>> I can find out exactly which folder when I have a little more time. 
>>  If I figure that out as well I will let you guys know.  I've also 
>> been reading that almost any time GTK is update gnome-themes-standard 
>> has to be updated as well or themes break so it is a known issue.
>> Also I think the keyboard issue is fixed now as well.  That part 
>> seemed to be working out of box with the new RC5 iso.
>> Joe Maloney
> Thanks Joe, I just merged your requests!
> If you add a new user with our standard skel files, does it work? I'll 
> just need to know if we are shipping a bad file :)
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