[PC-BSD Testing] 10-RELEASE 1-13-14 pkg update issue & fix

Joe Maloney jpm820 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 16 17:29:46 PST 2014

[root at pcbsd-4391] ~# pkg upgrade
Updating repository catalogue
pkg-static: sqlite: no such table: pkg_annotation
pkg-static: sqlite: cannot rollback - no transaction is active
pkg-static: Unable to find catalogs

[root at pcbsd-4391] /var/db/pkg# ls
local.sqlite            repo-pcbsd-build.sqlite repo-pcbsd.sqlite

The above is what I show when trying to run pkg upgrade and the repo files listed out of box on a fresh install.  I’ve noticed I’ve had to remove these two repo files and then pkg upgrade works again.

Joe Maloney

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