[PC-BSD Testing] gnome 3 :(

Joe Maloney jpm820 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 16 16:53:35 PST 2014

Still no go on Gnome 3 even with the new ports that were brought in before your ISO build.  I just installed the new PCBSD10.0-RELEASE-p3-01-13-2014-x64-DVD-USB.iso from scratch.  What’s interesting now is that the new user created by install also shows a grey screen and the same broken gtk appearances, no pcbsd background, etc.  Before with the last 10-RELEASE ISO this only happened when additional users were created.  On an upgraded system the PCBSD background was still there.  The GTK windows looked normal.  It was only when new users were created.  Either way after the package upgrades input into Gnome 3 apps such as gedit and gnome-terminal were very slow.

I know that Ken said he didn’t think it was disabling the gnome automount and the changes regarding ibus as he noticed these problems prior to making those changes. I do have the same feeling something happened with GTK or something related to it like Ken said earlier.  I suppose in the meantime I can try to roll some new packages for FreeBSD and see if there are any differences and then get with Koop if it still happens with stock FreeBSD 10.  Or are there any other changes you guys might have made that I can try to roll back to test that may somehow be related?  

Joe Maloney

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