[PC-BSD Testing] pcbsd/src-sh/pc-updatemanager showing old branches

Kris Moore kris at pcbsd.org
Thu Jan 16 09:20:34 PST 2014

On 01/16/2014 12:16, Joe Maloney wrote:
> It worked.  :)  Minus a bunch of linker error warnings after reboot. 
> It also had an issue removing a custom pbi I built which was
> unfortunately the only PBI I had installed.  I could see some bad
> things hapenning if a user were to roll back to a 9 series branch
> though.  But perhaps a warning telling the user this may be a really
> bad idea or so on if you wanted to comment out that line in your fork
> of freebsd-update.
> Joe Maloney


Dru, maybe we should document this "hack"? I'm not sure about
permanently making this change to freebsd-update, because like Joe said,
its probably a very bad idea to roll back to earlier releases :)

Kris Moore
PC-BSD Software

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