[PC-BSD Testing] 10.0 release second of January 2014 (retesting)

Hans Ruhe hansruhe1 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 4 02:45:17 PST 2014

Hello Arthur,

I looked into the BIOS and I cannot set the init display. All is automatic
now. When installing it finds the NVIDIA card and installs the driver
neatly. So that is not the issue. In 9.2 it was the same, no return to the
proper screen after setting the resolution and finishing installation.
My feelings on the Asus motherboards are ambivalent though. USB ports are
not working properly (Not in Windows 7, not in Linux Ubuntu and not in
PCBSD) . To make this more clear, when I stick more than one USB appliance
next to each other in for instance the USB 2.0 ports, one of the appliances
will fail or not work properly.
And I have a good mark powersupply (Seasonic) so that cannot be the issue

I noticed now however that with PCBSD the usb 3.0 ports are operating
correctly. Even my external usb drive is powered off when shutting down
PCBSD as it supposed to do :-)
There is however a little issue left (see below) If that is fixed than all
is ok for that part.

Arthur, Kris and team, hereby I sent the userguide from my motherboard.
Hopefully it will give you some more support.

One little issue about the external usb drive; although I can acces it, it
is not possible when I want to do this from a mediaplayer like atunes and
adacious. I get an error when I mount it, it says not able to mount but
when I click ok, it goes right away to my folders on the usbdrive and I can
use it anyway. But only from Thunar for instance.

I also sent the systemlog partly again about the Seagate USB drive.

Best regards,

2014/1/3 Hans Ruhe <hansruhe1 at gmail.com>

> Hello Arthur,
> Yes there is the option to set the Nvidia add in card as initial, but it
> is on auto setting. I will put it on initial to see if other issues will be
> solved.
> Than I will install pcbsd again to see if after the installation the
> screen will be properly displayed. I will do the last tomorrow as it is
> beginning to be bedtime here :-)
> This weekend I will test more again.
> Best regards,
> Hans
> 2014/1/3 Arthur Koziol <a-koziol at neiu.edu>
>> On 1/3/2014 4:11 PM, Hans Ruhe wrote:
>>> Hi Kris and team,
>>> Again I have issues with the screen not returning in a workable state
>>> after installing the newest release.
>>> I get an error message when starting up Opera browser saying it is not
>>> capable of saving my bookmarks.
>>> The GUI updatemanager packages get stuck again.
>>> In the KDE desktop the startup of Firefox crashes.
>>> I am sending the same logs again as this morning. Hope it will give you
>>> more insight.
>>> I have an Asus Z87 mini itx board with a Geforce GT520.
>>> Best regards,
>>> Hans
>> Hans,
>> This is pretty new hardware so I am wondering if the OS is seeing both
>> the integarted VGA (Intel 4th gen) and the NVidia. In the BIOS, can you see
>> if there is an option where you can set initial video to be the add-in
>> NVidia card instead of the, possibly, Auto setting it might be at?
>> Arthur
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