[PC-BSD Testing] 'warden via ports' fails to find the jail??

Tigersharke cdox at pcbsd.org
Mon Feb 24 23:16:54 PST 2014

Thank you for the improved online help, but there still seems to be a
problem from earlier.  I clarify a little more in below.  I did not install
the "online help" fix you mention.  It seems that any jail created must be
assigned an IP, which was missed during the setup with the template.  There
is also a bug in the Warden GUI, which allows a non-IP to be added in the
alias section even though it does warn it needs a valid IPv4 address, a
string can be saved which is then displayed in alias list as <thestring>/24.

I start the jail, this mostly looks okay.  My jail has neither an IP nor an
alias (until later when I indicate that an IP is added).

> root at professorx:~ # warden start wikijail
> jail -c path=/usr/jails/wikijail  host.hostname=wikijail
> allow.raw_sockets=true allow.chflags=true persist
> Starting jail with: /etc/rc
> Setting hostname: wikijail.
> Creating and/or trimming log files.
> ln: /dev/log: Operation not permitted
> Starting syslogd.
> syslogd: child pid 74174 exited with return code 1
> /etc/rc: WARNING: failed to start syslogd
> ELF ldconfig path: /lib /usr/lib /usr/lib/compat
> 32-bit compatibility ldconfig path: /usr/lib32
> Clearing /tmp (X related).
> Updating motd:.
> Performing sanity check on sshd configuration.
> bad addr or host: <NULL> (hostname nor servname provided, or not known)
> /etc/rc: WARNING: failed precmd routine for sshd
> Starting sendmail_submit.
> 554 5.3.0 host "localhost" unknown: Protocol not supported
> /etc/rc: WARNING: failed to start sendmail_submit
> Starting sendmail_msp_queue.
> Starting cron.
> Mon Feb 24 23:46:18 CST 2014

Shouldn't a running jail have something indicated for the ports and

> root at professorx:~ # warden details wikijail
> Details for jail: wikijail
> Disk Usage: 452MB
> Active IPv4 Ports:
> Current IPv4 Connections:
> Active IPv6 Ports:
> Current IPv6 Connections:
> root at professorx:~ #

Ok.  I used warden gui to look around, added an IP to the jail, enabled
option  "allow.socket_af" and now I can do portsnap fetch from within the
jail. I believe the main issue was the IP.
This changes the result of warden details but still does not correct the
warden get <jailname> failure.  Also, since the jail now has an IP of assigned, shouldn't the details display that?

root at professorx:~ # warden details wikijail
> Details for jail: wikijail
> Disk Usage: 667MB
> Active IPv4 Ports: 22,25,123,514
> Current IPv4 Connections: 0
> Active IPv6 Ports:
> Current IPv6 Connections:

I try to specify the jail ID given above:

root at professorx:~ # warden get wikijail
> ERROR: No jail specified!
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