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Hello, Josh

2014-02-13 20:13 GMT+02:00 Josh Smith <joshms at pcbsd.org>:

This wiki article is a work in progress, but i'll be making updates
> throughout the week.  The other thread was getting convoluted so we can
> continue the conversation here.  Please give me comments / suggestions on
> what we can add as i'll be adding more material throughout the next week.
> http://wiki.pcbsd.org/index.php?title=Become_a_Developer/10.1

Thanks a lot for your work!
Maybe we can make something on developers level. Maybe moving all of
standard and shared icons into the separate directory will be the good
solution. That may be somethins like PC-BSD icon pack in src-qt4/icons ong
git and /usr/local/share/pcbsd/icons/ on installed system.
After that we will:
1. Have the same icons in all of apps. (Even if we decide to change some of
them we don't need ti change source code)
2. Have icon themes. For example we can add dark icon theme in future. Or
even use separate icon sets for supported desktops. We also can make simply
'PC-BSD icons' tool
3.  I we will have artists volunteers they will can to do something in more
easy way. And I think Jenny Rosenberg (Pc-BSD artwork artist if I'm not
mistaken) will thank us too.

We need to make decision aout this icons:
1. 'Root access required' - I propose to use the same icon as without 'root
access' but blend it like in control panel (use shield icon only as mark
1/4 of size)
2. 'Unsupported desktops' - should be the same in control panel and other
tools (like installer and package manager). Maybe we need just repaint it

Maybe someone else has propositions?

Best regards, Yuri Momotyuk

Best regards, Yuri Momotyuk
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