[PC-BSD Testing] Setting /bin/bash as default shell for new user in TrueOS

Ilya Bakulin ilya at bakulin.de
Wed Feb 12 10:51:31 PST 2014

Hi list,
today I've tried to install TrueOS 10.0. Installation (Host system: 
FreeBSD 9.1 + VirtualBox headless) went just fine, I selected "Install 
TrueOS" and created a user, assigning "/bin/bash" as the default shell.
However after rebooting into the newly installed system I could not log 
in via SSH, even using the right password (all of sudden! :-D)

Feb 12 18:45:59 mmctest sshd[13818]: error: PAM: authentication error 
for illegal user kibab from

The problem was solved by setting the default shell to 
/usr/locakl/bin/bash manually.

Please correct the installer -- seems that it doesn't know that [at 
least] TrueOS doesn't have /bin/bash.


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