[PC-BSD Testing] PC-BSD 10

Brian C. Smith peispud at msn.com
Tue Feb 4 03:14:01 PST 2014

 My initial impressions fail to surprise me. The installer and graphics setup were flawless as usual. Artwork is consistent and professional. Weather widgets time out getting information. I'm guessing this is a firewall issue. Gnome and Cinnamon crawl on my system while KDE, Mate, and XFCE are very fast. KDE in particular is responsive with an excellent selection of software that integrates nicely with the desktop. The printer setup GUI will still not pick up the ppds for any f series HP printer among others. The GUI has to be manually directed to ppds already installed on the system via the HPLIP package. This is an old bug reported at least 4 releases ago. What gives ? The bluetooth icon looks pretty in the system tray, detects my cells no problem, but fails utterly to pair with anything. Most annoying is the sound setup for basic sound blaster cards still defaulting to rear, center, sub, or side - only one at a time. There are some old posts on the forums that absolutely do not fix the issue. I fail to see the point of new features that do very little when old and very basic bugs gets passed from version to version unfixed. 
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