[PC-BSD Testing] Call for testing on new beta update for 10.x Systems

Joshua Smith joshms at pcbsd.org
Mon Dec 8 17:39:33 PST 2014

Hey Testers!

     The new PC-BSD Update Manager cli utility is available and ready 
for testing.  There is a lot of fresh code and a lot of new methodology 
so we need your help to test the update before release to the rest of 
the community.  Below you will find instructions and an explanation 
below that of how the new update process will be handled.  These 
instructions are _only_ for the CLI utility of update manager.  The GUI 
is still in process.

     Specifically we need all kinds of different setups.  Testing in 
virtual machines is helpful, but we also need true hardware machines if 
you have any spare ones that have not been updated yet.  If you come 
across a bug please submit your machine's specifics and steps to 
re-produce the bug if possible.  If you can't reproduce readily just 
give us the best explanation you can :).  Please include details on what 
window manager you are using and any debugging information that is 
displayed on the screen at the time the bug occurs.

Thanks so much!



Instructions for updating to 10.1 from any 10.x installation

Grab the PC-BSD source:
% git clone --depth=1 https://github.com/pcbsd/pcbsd.git pcbsd
% cd pcbsd/src-sh/libsh
% sudo make install

go back to the beginning of the pcbsd directory and type:
% cd ../pcbsd-utils/pc-updatemanager
% sudo make install

Now the utilities for running the update manager CLI backend have been 
updated.  Next we are going to run the update manager and start the update:

% sudo pc-updatemanager install fbsd-10.1-RELEASE

Now grab a cup of coffee and keep working.  This will take a while, but 
the updates are handled in the background, so you can safely keep using 
your applications. You should not have any unexpected restarts so don't 
worry about losing your work.


Explanation of new update methods:

   The update manager will use freebsd-update to handle the update from 
10.x to 10.1 and should be amazingly stable compared to what we've used 
in the past.  It will download all the new packages you are going to 
need ahead of time. You can set the update to run and continue to use 
anything on your system except for AppCafe or package related tools. 
Next a boot environment is created and mounted. It is then quickly 
prepared for use and will start the first "de-install" phase of the 
update.  All your system packages will be removed within this boot 
environment.  The kernel will be installed into the new boot environment 
and this environment will be set as the default for GRUB at next boot.  
The system will then ask you to reboot to start the next stage of the 
update. During the 2nd phase freebsd-update will finish the upgrade and 
then packages will be reinstalled.  After this the system will restart 
and you will be back up and booted into your shiny new 10.1-RELEASE system.
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