[PC-BSD Testing] scanner woes & success

Gour gour at atmarama.net
Sat Sep 14 02:42:58 PDT 2013


having workable scanner as well as ability to run proprietary VueScan
application (http://www.hamrick.com/) is one of the dealbreaker for me
in my attempt to leave Linux (Debian Sid atm) and fully embrace PC-BSD.

I did fail with it even when testing 9.1 not being able to make VueScan
running under Linux emulation.

Tried with Linux emulation again, but huntin all the missing/toold libs
was time wasting.

Then I decided to check whether my scanner supported by Sane works on
plain PC-BSD and wonder what - scanimage was not recognizing it. :-(

Then at one point of time, after trying several things and forgotting
the winning combo, I managed to get working scanner.

Today I, again, spent some time experimenting with it and now I can
safely conclude that my scanner is not recognized if:

a) using xsane PBI

b) using binaries installed via pkg

However, my scanner (Epson V700) is recognized by scanimage, runs with
xsane and even works under Linux Mint/Ubuntu installed as guest OS under
PC-BSD's vbox host and I even managed to make VueScan working with it
which is good-enough considering I can simply install some Linux like
Mint/Ubuntu in 15mins and run it as seamless window under my PC-BSD
desktop - iow. no need to fiddle with linux emulation. :-)

What is the secret which made my day?

Well, I did install sane-backends & xsane from ports!!!

Atm I'm not sure what makes the difference, but it would be nice if
someone else can try performig similar tests.


p.s. Now I'm waiting for my bank to provide native Linux application for
netbanking software and if I can manage it to work (need some more info
how does Kris make USB sticks mounting on vbox), then my path of
obstacles to fully move to PC-BSD is going to be cleared away.

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