[PC-BSD Testing] RC6 - success!!

Gour gour at atmarama.net
Mon Sep 9 12:14:53 PDT 2013

On Mon, 09 Sep 2013 14:48:41 -0400
Kris Moore <kris at pcbsd.org> wrote:

> What isn't working in VirtualBox with USB?

Well, none of my USB sticks can't mount.

> I've got a system here which runs a Win7 VirtualBox and I've been able
> to attach USB memory sticks and such with no issues.

I also asked about this issue today in #freebsd-vbox and one of the devs
told he never managed to get USB sticks working.

Another problem is that I was not able to get my scanner working 'cause
I need to run it along with prop. Vuescan application.

Tried everything by installing Ubuntu 12.04LTS under PC-BSD 9.2.

For the scanner/Vuescan, there is another opportunity by trying to make
it work under PC-BSD using linux emulation but linux_base-f10 is too old
and I get complaints about missing symbol ofr GLiBC-2.11/17. Iirc,
libc.so.6 covers only up to 2.9, but when I tried to provide my own libs
cp-ed from Linux (Debian), the application/ldd was complaining that
libc.so.6 is not available.

However, for the beginning, I'd like to know how did you make USB sticks
mounting with vbox running as guest OS under PC-BSD?

There is no extension pack for BSD which brings EHCI support and the
devs in #vbox confirmed that there is no plan to add it unless some
company pours lot of $$$$.


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