[PC-BSD Testing] PC-BSD 9.2 and GRUB

Darryl Lyle blue_phoenix316 at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 9 08:22:54 PDT 2013

Yeah I pressed specifically the left-shift. I also tried changing the 
timeout period. It some display issue, because when i changed the 
timeout period the only thing that would display on the screen was a 
count down. I have a USB keyboard, but it works for bios and I've never 
had problems with it and grub before with Linux distros. I have other 
issues too that seem to be resolved with this version of PC-BSD 9.2 
kinda. I have a nvidia 660 gtx discrete graphics card. However, my cpu 
is a i7-3770 which has a on-board Intel gpu. The BSD Kernel sees it and 
thinks I have Optimus and I don't. If PC-BSD boots from grub it will 
then let me use the nvidia graphics driver for X, however if I don't 
boot from grub and use the FreeBSD boot loader without grub it won't let 
me use the nvidia graphics driver and tries to use the Intel. I think 
part of my GRUB issue is also a display problem because as I mentioned 
in a previous e-mail if I disable the GRUB theme, I get a menu and 
everything works fine.

On 09/09/2013 08:41 AM, Kris Moore wrote:
> On 08/31/2013 21:09, Darryl Lyle wrote:
>> Hey guys,
>>      I ran into a problem when I installed PC-BSD 9.2 on my computer.
>> It wouldn't display the menu when I booted, it just went straight into
>> booting PC-BSD. This was even if I held shift or pressed anything.
>> When I went into /usr/local/etc/default/grub and commented out the
>> theme and fonts I would then show me the Menu. Hope this helps.
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> It's specifically the "left-shift" button by default. If you keep
> holding that down at bootup does the menu just never show? USB or PS2
> keyboard?

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