[PC-BSD Testing] Weekly PC-BSD Digest - October 11th, 2013

Joshua Smith joshms at pcbsd.org
Fri Oct 11 14:46:31 PDT 2013

    Today i'm pleased to announce we have quite a number of exciting 
changes coming that we would like to let everyone know about. Starting 
today I will putting together a weekly status update every Friday to 
help keep all of you up to date on what is new in PC-BSD land. This 
weekly digest will be a quick highlight of what important features have 
been added, what major bugs have been fixed, and what is presently going 
on in general with the project.

    We are also shifting gears on how we find and report bugs to the 
developers. To better facilitate the resolution of trouble tickets in 
PC-BSD we have consolidated the bug forums into one general bug 
reporting forum. We are asking PC-BSD users to use the trac system for 
reporting bugs (trac.pcbsd.org), and use the bug reporting forums if for 
some reason you don't have access to trac or you aren't sure if 
something is a bug.

Best Regards,


*Heres the highlights for this week, October the 11^th 2013:*


    Early images of PC-BSD 10.0 are in development and are currently
    being rolled and are in early testing.


    The new PC-BSD Disk Manager utility has been finished and committed
    to git. Special thanks to author and developer Claudio for this
    awesome new utility!


    Life Preserver utility has been updated with new features and
    stability improvements


    Bug reporting forums have been consolidated


    Weekly PC-BSD Feature Digest


    We have resolved a bug preventing users from upgrading properly via
    the update utility GUI.

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