[PC-BSD Testing] Cannot install PCBSD 9.2-RELEASE-p7 x64

productnews@hvf.ch - orion productnews at hvf.ch
Fri Oct 4 07:51:17 PDT 2013

I downloaded PCBSD9.2-RELEASE-x64-USBFULL-latest.img.bz2 on Oct 02,
bunzipped and wrote it on a suitable USB stick.
I then booted the stick, chose GERMAN language (alas, the keyboard
configuration was not asked for and remained USASCII), then chose the HD
slice ada1s2, and tried to install - both with ZFS and with hand-crafted
UFS2 partitions.
The installation proceeds, formats the partitions, installs, and then
stops with this error message:

running: chroot /mnt grub-install --force /dev/ada1
EXITERROR: error 1 chroot /mnt grub-install --force /dev/ada1
grub-install: no such file or directory

the installation then stops and has to be aborted.

The complete pcbsd-install-debug.log is in the appendix.

It's a long time since my last successful PCBSD installation.

thanks for your help


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