[PC-BSD Testing] pkg upgrade and pc-updatemanager install fbsd-9.2-RELEASE

Hakisho Nukama nukama at gmail.com
Fri Oct 4 04:55:23 PDT 2013

[user at PCBSD] /home/user# pkg upgrade
Checking integrity...pkg: WARNING: locally installed beadm-0.8.5
conflicts on /usr/local/man/man1/beadm.1.gz with:
    - beadm-devel-

pkg: WARNING: locally installed beadm-0.8.5 conflicts on
/usr/local/sbin/beadm with:
    - beadm-devel-

After this error I deinstalled pcbsd-base and beadm,
run pkg upgrade and installed back pcbsd-base.

[user at PCBSD] /home/user# pc-updatemanager install fbsd-9.2-RELEASE
Creating package for pkg-1.1.2

10/04 11:33:57 [NOTICE] ServerStat file /root/.pcbsd-aria-stat loaded
[#75f96b 0B/0B CN:1 DL:0B]
10/04 11:33:59 [ERROR] CUID#6 - Download aborted.
Exception: [AbstractCommand.cc:314] errorCode=3
  -> [FtpNegotiationCommand.cc:299] errorCode=3 Resource not found

10/04 11:33:59 [NOTICE] Download GID#75f96bb85d4461d6 not complete:

10/04 11:33:59 [NOTICE] ServerStat file /root/.pcbsd-aria-stat saved

Download Results:
gid   |stat|avg speed  |path/URI
75f96b|ERR |       0B/s|/usr/local/tmp/pkg.txz

Status Legend:
(ERR):error occurred.

aria2 will resume download if the transfer is restarted.
If there are any errors, then see the log file. See '-l' option in
help/man page for details.
ERROR: Failed downloading pkgng update...

The correct path is pcbsd/pkg/9.2-RELEASE/amd64/Latest/pkg.txz

Best Regards,
Hakisho Nukama

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